From production to A / S eco-win together.
About Us
About Us
EcoWin is a company that innovates blinds.
Based on the new system and accumulated know-how, the talented people
who have been in the blind industry for more than many years have gathered within establishing
it as the biggest compay in Korea and have been well received overseas.
ECOWIN provides all the blind products with the best quality and service with excellent facilities and technology.
We have established the design, machinery, and system research institute to gather the best experts from
all walks of life to establish new systems and lead the trends and changes in the blind market.
We will continue to achieve our vision of becoming "the world's best blind company", which will further transform the blinds.
Address 117, Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, 41519, Rep. of KOREA
Tel +82-053-522-2868