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Triple Shade
Combi Blinds
Roll Screen
Wood Blinds
Honeycomb Blinds
Aluminum Blinds
Motor System
The blinds developed by merely combining vertical advantage and curtain advantage.
It is the finest blinds among the currently available blinds except the electric system.
Vertical interiors are blinds that combine fabrics like
thin mesh curtains to create a luxurious curtain and stylish interior.
Triple shade
It is made of triple fabric and two layers of sheer fabric.
It is a product made of triple-layered fabrics. When finished,
the vane can be adjusted step by step to allow delicate light control.
It is a product that can harmonize with any interior with simple design.
Combi blinds
It is a new concept blinds that can control the amount of light
and field of vision with double structure that the vine fabric and sheer fabric are crossed.
Simple design makes it possible to harmonize with any interior.
Comby Blinds Type
Type Kinds
EMBROIDERY Garden, Tree, Oblique
BLACKOUT Clover, Pattern, Encore, Magic, Hera, Rainbow
LINE Line Cube, 3 Line Cube, Mix 7 Line, Need, Dot, Stone 2 Line, Ivy, Confidence, Sunshine, Mono 3 Line, Sera, Sentive, Unique, Orion, Twin Metal, Metal Galaxy
PUBLIC Reflex, Cube, Move, Root, Trans, Modern, Faro, Office, Soul, Luna, Sylvia, Sharon, Melanchious, Sick, Galaxy, 3D Wood Look, Wood Look, Classic, Gold Basic, Soft
Roll screen
If you pull the handle, it will be a shade product that climbs up the roll on the roll.
It is practical because it has little volume feeling.
You can choose the direction of the handle (left / right), color, pattern, etc.,
and you can also put pictures, artwork, etc.
Simple feeling, home, office, cafe, etc. There is an interior effect, you can use long without a residual.
Wood Blinds
The Wood blinds is made of natural paulownia wood and is eco-friendly and effective for insect repellent and antibacterial.
The 27-color slit represents texture using natural paulownia pattern. It can produce various spaces such as antique, classical and modern according to color concept.
Tung trees are lighter, so you can work comfortably without applying too much force.
Honeycomb blinds
Honeycomb blinds are made of special fabrics.
It prevents external noise and internal ringing, protects energy by special structure of double structure, and prevents energy reduction factor.
Aluminum blinds
Aluminum blinds are perfect for light interception, easy to clean, and very efficient ventilation and privacy.
Even if the perforated product is closed, the light is cut off and the foreground can be appreciated.
Office, home balcony, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is a product with excellent interior effects that produce a simple atmosphere.
Motor System